Barbara Wurden


Barbara Wurden's creative talents are expressed in several ways, she's an entrepreneur, fine artist, decorative painter and video producer.

She was raised on a farm in northern Minnesota and graduated from college in 1985 from there she began to pursue her passion as an artist. She began by developing a decorative painting business and her creative signature is found in homes and commercial businesses throughout Southern California.  

Friends and clients loved to watch her work and frequently inquired about the processes which consequently inspired her to create an instructional video to show them the steps.  The idea blossomed into a ten title Faux Fun DVD series and the decision to be a one woman production company came from her thriving on the artistic challenges of product creation, packaging and design and sales and marketing, which lead her to selling her video in Home Depot.

She then went on to creating and producing a home improvement web show. It’s delivered with a feminine twist and she tags herself The Handy Goddess. She’s the Diva of Demolition and Design and has even managed to land her face on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where she pitched to America.

However, Wurden expresses herself best through her fine art. It is on canvas where you can see her creative energies in a more mystical manner as her paintings go beyond packaging and design. In her portraits the expression of her life is mirrored in that point in time. Her paintings are abstract or abstractly coupled with realism and reflect vibrant colors with lively gestured brush stokes interconnected with sensual blending of colors.