Faux Fun 4 Kids Rooms    

Booklist January/2002

Faux Fun 4 Kids Rooms, Faux Fun 2001, 2 videos (each 37-43min.)

Decorative artist Barbara Wurden is the relaxed on screen instructor of this two-part faux painting instructional. Wurden, aided by a confident young partner, describe the required materials before launching into an assortment of decorative paint projects suitable for children's play areas, bedrooms, or other rooms. In the first tape, the pair decorate walls with a picket fence design, wave and zigzag patterns, and several clever borders. Techniques are step-by-step processes are clearly demonstrated and although sound quality is uneven, good camera angles allow viewers to follow the procedures. The second video showcases wall paintings (balloons and clouds: and decorative patterns for game tables. Filled with tips on how to cover mistakes and entreaties to "have fun," these instructional programs should inspire family projects. -Candace Smith