Faux Fun 2: Before & After


Library Journal (September 1999)

Faux Fun 2: Before & After color. 70 min. with booklet

Following up on her first Faux Fun video (Video Reviews L.J. 6/15/92), Barbara Wurden shows how to transform every room in the house - even an exercise room - from boring to beautiful with simple decorative painting techniques. Wurden uses water-based glaze for a transparent and flexible mixture necessary to manipulate paint on the wall. Water-stain glazing, glazing with "angel" prints, rag whipping, fan textureng using a dry wall knife, cross-hatching, abstract brushing, and antique glazing and texturing are demonstrated. The video shows the step-by-step process to create a distresed finish for furniture as well. The eye-deceiving room and furniture makeovers are fun; the instruction is clear and highly watchable. A pamphlet providing definitions and tips is included. A popular addition to general home decor and crafts collections. - Mary Soete, San Diego P.L.