Large Projects

The Handy Goddess workshop makeover
-how to build a homemade sink and more

Bathroom Renovation and Remodel (part One)
-demolition and preparation

Bathroom Renovation and Remodel (part three)
Fixture Fun

Bath Renovation 1
- Building a face frame and cabinet

Bath Renovation 4
- Mounting the Cabinet and Getting on the Top

Bath Renovation 5
- A Well Hung Frame

Moving a Door 1- A demolition job
Moving a Door 2 - Stud Whacking
Moving a Door 3 - A French Installation
Moving a Door 4
- Finding a Stud

Love Making Sex Chair 1
- Frame creation and construction

Love Making Sex Chair 2
- A lesson in upholstery

Small Projects

Venus Framed
_ How to build a Box Frame for a painting

A Semi-private Folding Screen

Freestanding Fountain

Raised Indoor Container Box

The Garden Bench



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