Bathroom Renovation (part four)
Showering in Dirty Water - How to build a shower door

Bathroom Renovation Remodel (part three)

Bathroom Renovation Remodel (part two)

Venus Framed

Bathroom Renovation remodel (part one)

Tiki Mosaic Tile Mural

A Subfloor Makeover

Handy Goddess Workshop Makeover

Many of you are asking what happened to my YouTube show. YouTube took The Handy Goddess show down. They said I violated terms of use which is NOT true. My show was completely original and I paid for the rights to use the music. As I see it, someone was offended by my humor and they flagged my show. This happened three times. Each time I disputed the flagging because I followed all the rules but that doesn’t mean anything to YouTube. YouTube will trash years of an artist work because they can and they don’t care.



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