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You'll be cutting the learning curve and saving time and money, by letting me help you achieve the results you desire.


When you watch my videos, you'll see exactly how I help you avoid mistakes and fix goofs so you always end up with professional results!

  • I Teach You How to Avoid and Fix Mistakes!

  • I give clear, easy-to-follow instruction delivered in an easy to understand style.

  • I Show You How to Paint Professional-looking and Creative Faux Finishes!

  • I make it easy for you to learn!


Dear Barbara -

I have just received two of your DVD's and I love them!  You have done a wonderful job in providing succinct, clear, and thorough instruction.  Now I want to order all the rest.  Currently I work at a small company and we do wallpaper, upholstered walls, and faux painting.  The faux painting area is our weakest and less developed and that is why I ordered your DVD's -- to learn some new techniques, especially for furniture.

Anne Martin



"Wurden-writer, producer, director, and star of these videos -
Really knows her stuff"-Joan Greenberg




With these demonstrations, you'll be shown exactly how to save money and have fun while learning how to paint faux finishes for yourself and
create that designer look you've always been thinking about.With these faux painting instructions, you'll easily learn how to paint beautiful decorative faux finishes and even if you make a mistake, you'll be guided on how to fix any slip-ups so you can have a faux finish you can be proud of!


"Wurden demonstrates each off the steps clearly, while anticipating problems a beginner might have, and including
suggestions for fixing the inevitable goofs." - L. Stevens


Start here and learn how to paint like a professional
and create beautiful faux finishes.



How much is this information worth?

How much is all this information worth to you?A book can give you a quick image and some tips but it can't give you the guided direction of how to actually do faux painting well. A book can't give you the confidence to do these painting processes for yourself but this video series illustrates how anyone can master these painting techniques.

These programs can be viewed over and over again making it easy for you to see exactly how to do these faux finishes and paint them like a professional would. So how much would you expect to pay to learn the secrets of how to be successful at painting faux finishes? $60, $75, even $110 dollars an hour??

Take a sigh of relief, because you'll receive this comprehensive faux painting package with over nine hours of priceless advice and instruction for one low price price of only $199.50 $69.95. plus free shipping or $39.95 for the DVD seriesdownload . For a limited time I'm giving you my DVD series for less than cost of one hours labor from a professional faux painting contractor. It really doesn't get any better than this!


- This is a limited time offer -

...And, when you add this video to your shopping cart today,

I'm going to give you these additional bonuses for FREE.


Bonus #1: Color Choosing Guide


(Valued at $25 dollars)

Plus, I’ll give you a downloadable color guide! This color guide will help answer any questions you have when choosing color . This guide will give you an understanding of color and how the colors you choose relate to each other in your environment.

Plus, You'll gain an understanding of how colors affect each other and what colors look best together.



Bonus #2: How to prepare a room for painting.


(Valued at $10 dollars)

I'm also including with your order a FREE downloadable guide on how to prepare a room for painting. Don't get stuck with a mess on your hands by creating preventable mistakes. And don't waste unnecessary amounts of time doing things the wrong way, when you can just
learn from these handy time-saving and useful tips.

That's more than two thirds of the value

...These are yours free as a complimentary gift!


If you're still unsure and don't know if this instruction is right for you, I understand. That's why I also offer you...

I Teach You Exactly What You Need To Know To Learn How To Paint And Create Quality Faux Wall Finishes.


"This is exactly what home improvement how-to programs should aspire to:
a clear demonstration of a project form start to finish
" - N. Plymptonst


I Give You Clear, Easy-To-Follow And Easy To Understand Decorative Painting Instruction in
Every Faux Painting Category.



These dvd's could save you hundreds of dollars and countless hours of time. If you hired someone to faux paint a simple decorative finish in an average size room, it could cost anywhere from $600. to $800. dollars but if you paint your walls yourself you would be spending only a fraction of that figure. Imagine, just penny’s a minute for priceless advice.And with these fool-proof instructions you'll paint a successful finish the first time and you won't have to hire someone else again I wish you much success with all your faux painting projects!

YES! Barbara, I want your DVDs on how to faux paint and how to learn new painting skills and tips on how to paint like a professional! Send me my package immediately.
Please ship me my DVD's and the FREE Bonus Color Choosing Guide and the Painting Preparation Guide.

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Barbara Wurden
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