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Learn diy wall texturing with metallic paint.

Learn diy wall coatings with faux painting techniques and how to apply
venetian plaster wall texture.

Metallic textures and Venetian Plaster faux painitng techniques dvd


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When you watch my videos, you'll see exactly how I help you avoid mistakes and fix goofs so you always end up with professional results!


Imagine the transformation of your walls diy wall coatings with metallic paint colors and textures that add depth and character to your walls.

Or, imagine your walls blanketed with a cool Venetian plaster wall texture.

With your Faux Fun Metallic Textures and Venetian Plaster DVD you will learn a variety of paint finishes that accentuate the unique characteristics of metallic paint. You’ll learn how to create unique patterned and diy wall texturing for wall finishes and you’ll learn how to apply Venetian Plaster in a traditional manner along with a unique way of using this specialty plaster. It's all about texturing walls how to.



"Wurden outlines the effects she wants to create before launching into step-by-step instruction while also anticipating many beginners boo-boos along the way (and suggesting fixes)." -N.Plymton



Faux Fun Painting
Metallic Textures and Venetian Plaster DVD
physical DVD
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From: Barbara Wurden

Hello Fellow Do-it-yourselfer,

Have you ever wondered how someone with just a little bit of paint and texture can create such amazing and elegant wall finishes?

Well, I'm here to demystify these painting processes's and show you exactly how easy it is for you to do.

By creating these decorative finishes for yourself, you will be the envy of all your neighbors.

With over 18 years of experience, I’ve lived and learned by making all the mistakes. In fact, at one point I was just like you and with my first faux painting experiment, the result was terrible - because I didn’t have anyone to follow.

So allow me to guide you step-by-step with this texturing walls how to so that you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made.

You can learn to paint like a professional
and create these finishes.

This first time I painted with metallic paints, I spent unnecessary amounts of time on layers of color only to discover that I had completely wasted my precious time. I could have finished hours earlier and I could have used much lees of the product.

You'll be amazed at what you're going to learn about painting with metallic's. What a wonderful discovery I had learning these techniques and that you will too. All you have to do is... play, pause and repeat and I’ll show you how.

You will absolutely benefit from my years of experience. You will be learning simplified processes making it easy for you to learn how to faux paint a wall you can be proud of.



"A nicely paced, excellently detailed program sure to appeal to DIY handy persons, this is highly recommended." -N.Plymton



All you need is this guided instruction and the desire to learn. That’s where this DVD will make it easy for you. The materials are all basic and easy to find, and the steps are clearly demonstrated...Just watch, play, pause and review.

So, put aside those confusing pictures and vague print materials and sit back and relax while you watch and learn the easy DVD way.




You'll Learn How to Apply a Venetian
Plaster Texture to Your Walls


Venetian Plaster faux finish technique


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Venetian Plaster Paint technique

Many people find Venetian plaster material confusing and difficult to apply only because you can read the instructions on the can but you will undoubtedly miss some important key points in the application process.



Often times people overwork the surface and they generally use too much of the material causing you to have a dull flat finish.

With this DVD, you will be guided on exactly how to use your tools and materials so that you will create a beautiful Venetian Plaster finish for yourself.




You'll Learn How to Create a Cracked Venetian Plaster Texture on Your Walls

Crackeled Venetian Plaster Faux Finish technique



"I think I could take a blank wall and create a crackled Venetian plaster finish that any merchant of Venice would be proud to display in his ship or sunken lining room" - N. Plympton


Click the Slate to View Mini Clip
Crackeled Venetian Plaster technique


You'll learn a new way of applying venetian plaster in this demonstration. By combining venetian plaster with with metallic paint your resulting finish will be unlike any other.

Some of the characteristics of the materials involved can be unpredictable but with this DVD demonstration you will learn how to handle any unplanned mishaps that are inevitable when learning new techniques.





You'll Learn How to Create this
Sophisticated and Elegant Brushed
Metallic Faux Wall Texture


Brushed Metallic faux finish technique


You'll learn how to combine metallic paint and a simple sand texture and create this classy look.

You'll be amazed at how easy this is to do and by watching the DVD you'll understand exactly what steps are involved for creating this look from start to finish and all of the tips and tricks in between.




You'll Learn How to Paint this Fun and
Lively Patterned Wall Texture!


Broken pattern metallic faux finish technique Broken pattern metallic faux finish technique

This is perfect for a contemporary look.


Click the Slate to View Mini Clip
Broken Pattern Mettalic Finish

In these demonstrations, You'll be shown what tools to use for each size pattern.

And because you are only using paint with this technique, you will will need to know how to create this pattern with out having the paint fall, run or drip.

And you'll learn how to fix these problems in case they do happen.

You'll even learn how to keep the pattern even over the entire wall.





You'll Learn How to Different Types
of Patterns


Broken Pattern faux finish technique


This finish is similar to the previous example except here you'll be show how to work with products that have more body.

By mixing your metallic paint and creating a new texture material the result will retain the special qualities of metallic paint but it will have a duller finish This technique has a matt sheen verses a shiny finish.




You'll Learn How to Create This
Tissue Paper Metallic Texture!

*The reason metallic paint looks best over texture is that with texture, light can be reflected off the surface revealing the unique qualities of metallic paint.

tissue paper texture faux finish technique


Click the Slate to View Mini Clip
Tissue paper metallic finish

In this demonstration you'll be guided on how to work with this delicate material.

When tissue paper becomes saturated with paint, it will have the tendency to shred or ball up into a mess.

By watching this process done in action you'll be able to avoid that problem and more.

You'll learn how to fun and easy this technique is and how best to approach a wall for this painting process.



"A nicely paced, excellently detailed program sure to appeal to DIY handy persons, this is highly recommended." -N.Plymton


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How much is this information worth?

How much is all this information worth to you?

A book can give you a quick image and some tips but it can't give you the guided direction of how to actually do faux painting well. A book can't give you the confidence to do these painting processes for yourself but this video illustrates how anyone can master these painting techniques.

This program can be viewed over and over again making it easy for you to see exactly how to do these finishes and paint them like a professional would.

So how much would you expect to pay to learn the secrets of how to be successful at painting these finishes? $60, $75, even $110 dollars an hour??

Take a sigh of relief, because you'll receive all this comprehensive Venetian plaster and Metallic paint textures instruction foronly $4.95 for the physical DVD. That's a small fraction of what a professional would charge you per hour.

...And, when you add this video to your shopping cart today,

I'm going to give you these additional bonuses for FREE.


Bonus #1: Color Choosing Guide


(Valued at $25 dollars)

Plus, I’ll give you a downloadable color guide! This color guide will help answer any questions you have when choosing color . This guide will give you an understanding of color and how the colors you choose relate to each other in your environment.

Plus, You'll gain an understanding of how colors affect each other and what colors look best together.



Bonus #2: How to prepare a room for painting.


(Valued at $10 dollars)

I'm also including with your order a FREE downloadable guide on how to prepare a room for painting. Don't get stuck with a mess on your hands by creating preventable mistakes. And don't waste unnecessary amounts of time doing things the wrong way, when you can just
learn from these handy time-saving and useful tips.


That's more than two thirds of the value

...These are yours free as a complimentary gift!


What is it worth

...to make your faux painting projects fun and easy!


Metallic Textures & Venetian Plaster faux finish technques dvd

How much does it cost...


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to make your faux painting projects easier?


Now just imagine, once you watch this DVD, you could be learning and understanding exactly how to paint metallic finishes and how to apply Venetian Plaster. You could be painting and feeling confident that you can achieve the results you desire.

You will be saving hundreds of dollars and countless hours of time.with these fool-proof instructions. You will be learning how to paint a successful finish the first time and you won't have to hire someone else again.

Just simply follow through with your order and you'll be learning the easy way by watching the entire process on your monitor from start finish before you begin in your home. We've made it simple and affordable for you to learn faux painting techniques, and the rest is up to you.

I wish you much success with all your Metallic paint and Venetian Plaster paint projects!


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Faux Fun Painting
Metallic Textures and Venetian Plaster DVD
physical DVD
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Barbara Wurden
Faux Fun Painting






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