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Faux Painting Techniques and
Ideas for Decorating Kid's Rooms


For complete and detailed instruction, refer to the full length
wall demonstrations given on the DVD.

Imagine the transformation of your kids' rooms with simple and fun paint techniques.


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Faux Fun 4 Kids Rooms DVD is a variety pack of faux painting techniques designed for decorating kids’ room’s walls. You’ll learn easy faux finishes that can be created together with parent and child. You’ll easy ways to spice up any kids room with colorful patterns and playful borders made with paint.

When you watch my videos, you'll see exactly how I help you avoid mistakes and fix goofs so you always end up with professional results!

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From: Barbara Wurden

Hello Fellow Do-it-yourselfer,

With over 18 years of experience, I’ve lived and learned by making all the mistakes. In fact, at one point I was just like you and with my first faux painting experiment, the result was terrible - because I didn’t have anyone to follow.

So allow me to guide you step-by-step so that you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made.

You will actually learn how to fix potential goofs.

I was visiting a friend of mine and she was eager to show me what she had done to create a picket fence for her daughter's room. She wanted my advice on how to make it better. I noticed she was doing a great job but that she needed to know a few extra things to make her project really come to life and I knew I could also save her some valuable time with my help.

You'll be amazed at how you're going to paint this picket fence and all of the other techniques. What a wonderful discovery I had and that you will learn from too. All you have to do is... play, pause and repeat and I’ll show you how.

You will absolutely benefit from my years of experience. You will be learning simplified processes making it easy for you to learn how to faux paint a finish you can be proud of and have fun with your kid in the process.

We purchased our home last summer and we're currently in the process of deciding whether to redecorate, renovate, or do both. We'll more than likely end up doing both, but in the meantime we want to make our children's rooms more inviting and fun.

We want their rooms to reflect their personalities, and that means we really need their input and participation in the process. So when Redlass, the Books Category Lead, gave me the opportunity to review Faux Fun 4 Kids Rooms Tape One & Tape Two (review of Tape Two can be found here)I jumped at the chance! Faux Fun 4 Kids Rooms Tape One is a 43 minute long VHS tape that focuses on Family Fun Painting Projects that will appeal specifically to children.

The faux painting techniques are demonstrated by Barbara Wurden and her assistant Jenna Rose McNaney. Accompanying them in their projects is Ken, the dog, but he really just sleeps through most of the video.

faux painting dog
"Filled with tips on how to cover mistakes and entreaties to "have fun," these instructional programs should inspire family projects. -Candace Smith

All the projects are explained very clearly on the tape, but I was a little worried about learning the techniques just through the video process. I was all ready to take notes so I'd have something to refer back to, when I discovered that there is also a trifold pamphlet included with the video. It explains clearly how to do all the finishes demonstrated on the video, as well as listing the materials required to complete each project. I found that to be quite helpful. Seeing the projects completed step-by-step made it easy to understand how to do it as well as seeing the end result, and having the pamphlet to refer back to if I need it will make it much easier to accomplish.

The projects in Faux Fun 4 Kids Rooms Tape One are very simple, easy to complete projects that require very little in the way of materials. Painters tape, tape measure, paint brushes, a level, chalk line, card board, utility knife, sea sponges, a horse stamp, and of course paint, are pretty much all you'll need for any of these projects. There is no intensive measuring, no exact geometric pattern, no intricate mathematical formula to create any of these finishes, and they're all easy enough for a child to do, with a little help from mom or dad.

"Wurden illustrates clearly how to create templates for the wave and zig zag sponge project, McNaney, a young girl not much older than my seven-year-old daughter, demonstrates how easy these projects are for anyone to do. For example, just by making a chalk line thirty inches high across the wall, and using the template for the wave sponge technique, McNaney created a wonderfully whimsical wave pattern along the wall with a sea sponge and paint easily and with very little help. "

My seven-year-old was extremely impressed by how McNaney created the flowers that went along with the picket fence. She now feels quite confident that she can do that particular project herself. My girls, ages seven and four, sat down to watch this video with me, and within minutes my seven-year-old was exclaiming how easy it was, and begging for me to let her help when we created these finishes on her wall. Her only predicament was deciding which process to do, actually wanting to do them all! We've reached a compromise, however. She's agreed that she really wants the picket fence and flowers (I'm not at all surprised!), but she's going to adapt the puzzle border idea to decorate her dresser. She's also decided that when dad finally does build her a playhouse outside that we're going to be doing a few finishes from Faux Fun 4 Kids Rooms Tape Two on those walls!

Faux Fun 4 Kids Rooms has created a spark of creativity and inspiration in my seven-year-old.

She's anxious to get started on her room, and she's so excited that she's going to be able to put her hands to work on it, creating a room that's just right for her, with her personal touch on each project. Using the video for visual reinforcement if necessary will be helpful for my daughter if she "gets stuck", and having the pamphlet for my use will make the job much easier. Faux Fun 4 Kids Rooms Tape One isn't a video for anyone wanting precise, exact, artist renderings on their walls. It is a video for those who want to have fun and spend time with their children decorating their rooms the way their child wants it done. It's a video that gives a child the tools they require to complete these projects, and the confidence in knowing that they can do the projects. The faux finishes are also easily adaptable to other projects, and we can't wait to get started! - Recommended Yes

All you need it this guided instruction and the desire to learn. That’s where this DVD will make it easy for you. The materials are all basic and easy to find, and the steps are clearly demonstrated...Just watch, play, pause and review.

So, put aside those confusing pictures and vague print materials and sit back and relax while you watch and learn the easy DVD way.




Learn to Paint Wave & Zig Zag Patterns with Complimentary Borders


Wave sponge Painting technique


zig zag sponge painting technqiue

Both of these techniques are fun and easy to create together with your kid. Just follow along and I'll show you exactly what to do.

wave sponge paint border




Learn to Paint a Realistic Picket Fence
with Hand Painted Flowers


Picket fence faux painting technique


Imagine being able to have this beautiful picket fence design in the kids' play room or bed room.

One great thing about Painting this design is that you can have it be any size you want. The alternative is a simplistic stencil that is too small for the wall and unrealistic in it's outcome.

By watching this DVD you can learn to build this on the wall so that it fits the room and looks real in the process.

Picket fence decorative painting



Learn to Create a Puzzle Border with pictures of your family and fiends!

puzzle border faux painting technqiue


This is a real unique border and so easy to create. You can have actual pictures of anything that you like and you'll be able to personalize them in puzzle form to create a very one-of-a-kind family album on your kid's room wall.


puzzle decorative border




Learn to Paint High Five Hand Print Stripes
with Bouncing Balloons

High Five to Baloons faux painting technqiue


Learning is fun when you're creating something like this! You can easily paint stripe patterns like this without a lot of effort.

There is no measuring, just follow along on the DVD and you will understand exactly how to create these patterns.

These stripes are personalized with your kid's hand prints. Just imagine the look on you kids face when they can stand back and know they had a part in making their room so fun and cool.

high five to baloons border


You might think a balloon is something difficult to paint but when you watch Barbara and Jena paint them on this DVD, you'll understand that you too can create these balloon shapes in your home.



Learn to Paint Lively Clouds and
Rainbow Patterns

Rainbows and clouds faux painting technque

Imagine learning how to paint this rainbow with even rows of color. It's easy to paint an even arc when you watch Barbara and Jenna do it. They show you how easy this is to do and all you need is paint and some simple stuff you sitting around the house. Play, pause, watch and learn.

painted rainbows and clouds



Learn to Paint Checkerboard and
Backgammon Game Tables

Checkerboard painted game table

Imagine having a built in game board on your kids furniture

Backgammon painted game table

You can add a lot of color and life to your kids' game room with these tables.

And they will love and appreciate using a game board that they helped to create.

kids painted game tables


With Cameo Appearances
by "Ken" the dog!
Ken the faux painting dog


You can learn to paint like a professional
and create these finishes.

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How much is this information worth?

How much is all this information worth to you?

A book can give you a quick image and some tips but it can't give you the guided direction of how to actually do faux painting well. A book can't give you the confidence to do these painting processes for yourself but this video illustrates how anyone can master these painting techniques.

This program can be viewed over and over again making it easy for you to see exactly how to do these finishes and paint them like a professional would.

So how much would you expect to pay to learn the secrets of how to be successful at painting these finishes? $60, $75, even $110 dollars an hour??

Take a sigh of relief, because you'll receive all this comprehensive faux painting for Kids Rooms instruction for only $19.95 . That's a small fraction of what a professional would charge you per hour.

...And, when you add this video to your shopping cart today,

I'm going to give you these additional bonuses for FREE.


Bonus #1: Color Choosing Guide


(Valued at $25 dollars)

Plus, I’ll give you a downloadable color guide! This color guide will help answer any questions you have when choosing color . This guide will give you an understanding of color and how the colors you choose relate to each other in your environment.

Plus, You'll gain an understanding of how colors affect each other and what colors look best together.



Bonus #2: How to prepare a room for painting


(Valued at $10 dollars)

I'm also including with your order a FREE downloadable guide on how to prepare a room for painting. Don't get stuck with a mess on your hands by creating preventable mistakes. And don't waste unnecessary amounts of time doing things the wrong way, when you can just
learn from these handy time-saving and useful tips.


That's more than two thirds of the value

...These are yours free as a complimentary gift!


If you're still unsure and don't know if this instruction is right for you, I understand. That's why I also offer you...



What is it worth

...to make your family painting projects fun and easy!


Faux Fun 4 Kids Rooms faux painting DVD

Faux Fun 4 Kids Rooms is your Everyday guide using easy to find materials and tools you already have in your home making your
faux painting projects fun and easy.

How much does it cost...


Click to see video.

to make your faux painting projects easier?


Now just imagine, once you watch this DVD, you could be learning and understanding exactly how to paint faux finishes for your kids rooms walls and furntiure. You could be painting and feeling confident that you can achieve the results you desire.

Plus.. did you know that after 60 days and within six months you have the time to decide if the DVD taught you everything you need to know to create professional looking finishes.

You will be saving hundreds of dollars and countless hours of time.with these fool-proof instructions. You will be learning how to paint a successful finish the first time and you won't have to hire someone else again.

Just simply follow through with your order and it will be shipped out the next business day. You will then be learning the easy way by watching the entire process on TV from start finish before you begin in your home. We've made it simple and affordable for you to learn faux painting techniques, and the rest is up to you.

Order Today!

YES! Barbara, I want your DVDs on how to faux paint and how to learn new painting skills and tips on how to paint like a professional! Send me the package immediately..

Ship me my DVD, as well as the FREE Bonus Color Choosing Guide and the Painting Preparation Guide.

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Barbara Wurden
Faux Fun







I personally guarantee that you will learn exactly how to create these finishes. and at the end of 60 days, and within six months, if you don't believe that Faux Fun teaches everything I say it does...I will cheerfully refund your money with no questions asked. It's just that simple.

Remember, you have absolutely no risk with this order! Even if you decide to return the dvd, the gifts are yours to keep for free.You’ll keep your color guide on how to choose color when creating faux finishes (Valued at $25 ) and you’ll keep the free guide on painting preparation guide lines and helpful tips.
(Valued at $10 ).



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